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We aim to develop better food and wine farming methods, based on a holistic approach incorporating key elements of organics, biodynamics, aquaponics and permaculture. In our belief, finding balance in all living organisms, from the microbes in the soil to the insects in the garden, is the foundation for sustainable agriculture.

Mario Iannarelli

Mario Iannarelli

Mario Iannarelli

Chief gardener at McLeod Creek Wines

Born in the late 30's in Italy, Erminio Iannarelli (better known as Mario) is a jovial, dynamic, iconic and passionate character. Since the opening of the cellar door in 2010, he can usually be found behind the bar serving tastings or pottering around in the vegetable garden. Mario loves to share his passion for wine or garden produce so if you get a chance, you should drop by at Mcleod Creek Wines for wine tastings, advice and a great deal of banter! Tastings are held daily with the exception of Christmas Day, Good Friday and Anzac day.
Arrivederci a presto!


Visit us and taste our range of wines in our humble cellar door.

Open daily 10am – 5pm.

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  • "Really distinctive wine that confirms why it is so good to visit the cellar door of small wineries"
  • “A winery full of smiles”
  • “Lovely winery with Italian touch”
  • "Mario is a legend, well worth spending time with."
  • "Unpretentious Little Gem"