Early on, a small garden was started for the family’s self-sufficiency and has since flourished into a productive food source, providing delicious fruits and vegetables all year round.

Being Italian, Mario especially loves eating tomatoes, as well as growing them as he says:

I was born in a little village where people used to grow their own food and lived with what they could get from the land. It must be in the genes to grow things.

So when it comes to growing food, we are doing things a little unconventionally you might say.
By employing sustainable, natural farming methods borrowed from different systems, we aim to bring our soils to life and bring balance to our plants.

Using techniques such as planting with the moon phases, companion planting, integrated pest management, crop rotation, and examining the microbiology in the soil, we are able to minimise inputs and maximise results to provide better and healthier produce. No chemical fungicides, synthetic insecticides, herbicides or any other nasty contaminants are used in our growing systems and we will keep it that way. Through natural farming, we engage ourself pro-actively against chemical agriculture, excessively processed food and all the harmful consequences hidden behind.
Our goal is simple: To work with nature instead of against it. And the results speak for themselves…

Here are some of the naturally grown fruits and vegetables available in our garden and orchard:

Depending on the season and nature’s will, you will be able to buy our fresh produce either directly at the farm, at the farmers’ market in Margaret River or on request (delivery possible for local restaurants).

Once upon a time, all food was “organic”. Before the advent of modern nutrition, there were no strange “hype diets” or “food labels”. In the past, people simply ate the food of the parents used to grow in the family garden, who ate the food of their parents.