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As a small family-run business, specializing in wine production over the past 15 years and more recently in fruit and vegetable growing using natural farming methods, we know the value of a long-term vision. Our passion is bringing the best of food and wine together, drawing inspiration from nature and the old world techniques.

Together, father and son oversee everything from reception of customers to planning, production and maintenance of the garden, the vineyard and the winery. Mario, rarely seen without his blue bucket hat, could be called the chief gardener while Phil could be defined as the operations manager, both supported by Jenny behind the scenes, the matriarch of the family.

McLeod Creek’s team is able to provide a genuine welcome to their visitors while offering quality handcrafted wines and naturally grown garden produce. To complete this fantastic crew, let’s not forget to mention the friendly dogs Kira and Bob, who love chasing birds, playing with sticks and above everything else, greeting any guest enthusiastically.